Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

Axelle Loichot

Consultant specialising in jewellery 

My 25-year experience throughout the entire value chain of the jewellery-making field has allowed me to work effectively alongside all those playing their part in this prestigious community.

Let us join forces to create a presence and identity of excellence!  


A 360° mastery of the world of jewellery thanks to a professional career among the various actors of the watch and jewellery-making field.


Promoting the know-how of craftsmen

Running a high-end-jewellery workshop during 4 consecutive years has allowed me to better understand the problems experienced by artisan jewellers.

This experience in the field has provided me with the crucial skills needed to develop a brand with strong visibility and an original identity, while taking into account the realities of managing a workshop.

This in-depth understanding of the profession is what motivates my approach and drives my passion today. Feeling the materials, witnessing the beauty of the gesture and experiencing the daily life of craftsmen so as to provide concrete and best suitable answers to their challenges.


Establishing and distributing collections

A 10-year experience at a leading manufacturer of generic jewellery with customers ranging from independent jewellers to major brands.

This experience has enabled me to master all the workings of distributing, implementing and harmonising a brand's product lines with the launch of collections, preparation of trade shows, follow-up in the workshop and retail monitoring.

It has also allowed me to develop real expertise in terms of the supply chain (logistics) and genuine mastery of the export market. Needless to say it is an international dimension that continues to guide and inspire my work.


Optimising customer experience

11 years in the Travel Retail division of the world's leading watchmaker, leading a network of sales outlets with a diversified offer adapted to the profile of the target group.

I have thus developed a real expertise in regards to the customer journey which allows me to better understand and satisfy their expectations as well as offer them a personalised experience, tinged with emotion and veiled with fantasy.

Today, I share my savoir-faire and skills in assortment management, purchasing optimisation, product launch follow-up and I also actively contribute to the training of teams and store management.

Wings may grow from talent, but Le Sens du Détail will give you the sense of direction you need to structure your offer and organise your activity.

Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

My Values

A passion for excellence

The spirit of excellence and exclusive nature of the pieces that enhance their creator’s exceptional traditional craftsmanship and audacity are what truly inspires me. 

The freedom to stand out from the crowd

As a talent agitator, I select with you the pieces of jewellery whose elegance is in perfect harmony with your brand image. To do so, we will seek to choose the features that shape your identity: one of exclusivity. 

Le Sens du Détail becomes a close partner of your growth, while at the same time guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

Let’s discuss it together

Do you happen to share my values of excellence and wish to make your offer one-of-a-kind?

Then let's arrange an appointment to get to know each other and better assess your needs.