Le sens du détail - Célia Mastorchio-Fabbri

Le Sens du Détail is thrilled to share Célia Mastorchio-Fabbri’s work: a graphic storyteller, she specializes in staging precious jewels through her art.

At Le Sens du Détail, we love unearthing hidden talents. Mathon Paris meets all the criteria: the Paris born and bred jewelry house is celebrating its 90th anniversary. A family history made of excellence, elegance and distinctive flair.

Muriel Piaser

One is in Paris, the other settled in Geneva. One comes with a swirl of fashion frenzy, her counterpart has nurtured her experience in the muffled quietness of jewelry retail salons. Muriel Piaser and Axelle Loichot share a common vision of luxury, vast and eclectic networks, plus a sensitive approach to the future marketing of unique jewelry pieces.

Perles - Le Sens du détail

To help you develop a sustainable brand and bring out the best of your business, I surround myself with a panel of experts. Today, I’ve chosen to talk to you about the importance of centralized management of your workshop in order to optimize your entire production chain and gain time and efficiency.

Axelle Loichot - le Sens du Détail - designer

Jewelry designer, jewelry retailer, Head of Luxury Programs within the Higher Education system, Le Sens du Détail is glad to share our tailor-made, seamless roadmap.

Frédérique Berman - creatrice de bijou

Le Sens du Détail puts jewelry designers in the spotlight! Recently, I was lucky to work with Frederique Berman and today, she is sharing with us some insights of her personal inspiring environment. A dreamlike realm that reflects her elegant talent and delicate findings, always full of humor and personality.

Atelier de Benoit à Genève

Le Sens du Détail offers to lift a corner of the veil and open the doors of jewelry workshop L’Atelier de Benoit in Geneva. There, HBJO professionals are allowed to experience an immersive day of practice among craftsmen.

To help them rise and shine, see the glass half full and inspire them, le Sens du Détail is pleased to share its best plan: reach out to an expert. The expert’s kick start is a real game changer.

Le Sens du Détail - Vitrine de Noël

Crucial part of the joy of Christmas shopping, adorned storefronts for jewelry dress up as an introduction to celebrations. Retailers have been longing for this moment to embellish their windows with Christmas magic.

Le sens du détail - 3 piste pour Noel 2020

Regardless of lockdowns, le Sens du Détail shares some practical advice with jewelry retailers for a great Holidays Season.

Perles portées- collier- Le Sens du détail

Let’s discover more of this natural gem throughout time and history. Where do pearls originate from?

Jessica-McCormack Le Sens du détail

Cozy interiors, cosy boutiques: the layout of sales areas is undergoing a profound change.