Simply because every project is one-of-a-kind and even the tiniest detail has a role to play.

Share and express your challenges with us and we will be more than delighted to make you a personalised proposal.

Our mission is to find the most suitable solution tailored to your every need!

Le Sens du Détail - Axelle Loichot - sur mesure

Different perspectives

Le Sens du Détail gives you a new perspective on your business to provide a quick answer or solution to a specific theme, question, issue or compensate for a lack of some kind.

Go upmarket/upscale

Win a tender

Optimise your inventory

Redefine your retail strategy

Bring together and motivate one's teams and/or staff

Broaden your offer

Increase your visibility

Gain market shares

Rethink your store or boutique

Establish KPIs


Whether you are a family structure or major brand, my interventions always seek to be thorough, complete and personalised.

Personalised services

My 25-year experience throughout the entire value chain of the jewellery-making field allows me to intervene wholeheartedly in consulting missions, whether they last a day or several weeks.


  • Sales and marketing strategy assistance
  • Launch of new collections
  • Benchmark & competitive analysis
  • Exhibition and representation at trade shows
  • Sourcing, production, logistics and merchandising action plan (à enlever de management)


  • One-off interventions and team management when needed
  • Coaching and training of buyers
  • Animation and training of the sales team and staff
  • Search for future talents
  • Implementation of KPIs to activate growth levers
  • Taking matters into my own hands and intervene wherever necessary 
Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

Network & Contacts

These years of experience in the field of watch and jewellery-making have allowed me to forge strong relationships with a number of major brands.

Messika Joaillerie
Roberto Coin
carrera y carrera
Marco Bicego
Chaumet Paris
Pasquale Bruni
Isabelle Langlois
dinh van Paris
de Grisogono
Rado Switzerland
Ti Sento Milano
Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie


“It’s more than just having an excellent awareness of the world of jewellery-making and a multifaceted understanding of its daily challenges. Indeed, I enjoy sharing my passion with my clientele - whether they be craftsmen, artisan-creators or retailers - to convey this burning desire I have for perfection and audacity”.

Let us join forces to create a presence and identity of excellence!  

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, they'll forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." 

Maya Angelou

Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

Guidance & Assistance

Le Sens du Détail provides you with its expertise across the entire retail value chain and its proven experience in the world of jewellery-making.

Let's discuss your concerns during a free initial diagnosis. Together we will evaluate your needs and establish an estimate as accurate as possible to your expectations.

Personalised services

A calibrated intervention

Practical tools that are easy to master and use

Concrete results in the short term

Le Sens du Détail becomes a close partner of your growth, while guaranteeing total confidentiality.

Let’s discuss it together

Do you happen to share my values of excellence and wish to make your offer one-of-a-kind?

Then let's arrange an appointment to get to know each other and better assess your needs.