Retailers & Jewellers

Le Sens du Détail works alongside jewellers and retailers to create a unique and distinctive offer.

We enrich and harmonise your offer to reveal the exclusive nature of your brand identity.

Our mission is to increase your sales and make you take centre stage!

Asserting your uniqueness

The world of watch and jewellery-making is currently undergoing profound transformations: a hyper-competitive market, the rise of major brands, shrinking margins and loss of identity.

You are a jewellery retailer and wish to reposition your offer to increase sales.

You hope to increase your visibility and the number of visits to your store(s), generate events and offer your customers an original and exclusive collection.

You wish to stand out from others with a surprising and audacious offer, but you don't have the time to look for those craftsmen/artisan-creators who will actually make it happen and make a difference.

You wish to regain the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind proposal for your clients.


Developing a relevant action plan


Asserting your position


Establishing a unique offer


Offering a diverse palette of emotions

Customised support and assistance

Le Sens du Détail shares with you its business savoir-faire and in-field experience.

Auditing what already exists in order to gain a clearer understanding of the offer at hand and target customers. Analysing, in a professional and objective way, the functioning of your business so as to place the customer at the heart of your strategy.

Revealing a singular and asserted identity thanks to a diversified and coherent offer. Finding the right balance between a selection of institutional brands and a panel of young artisan-creators.

Offering a palette of emotions and letting people step into the glamorous world of fine jewellery, making your offer accessible and in line with current consumer trends. As well as making your creations steal the spotlight in boutique windows so as to catch customers’ attention and thus give yourself all the chances of success.

Working hand-in-hand with your sales team so that it embodies and conveys your values to provide a unique customer experience.

Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Bijoutiers-détaillants

Network & Contacts

These years of experience in the field of watch and jewellery-making have allowed me to forge strong relationships with a number of major brands.

Messika Joaillerie
Roberto Coin
carrera y carrera
Marco Bicego
Chaumet Paris
Pasquale Bruni
Isabelle Langlois
dinh van Paris
de Grisogono
Rado Switzerland
Ti Sento Milano
Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie


“It’s more than just having an excellent awareness of the world of jewellery-making and a multifaceted understanding of its daily challenges. Indeed, I enjoy sharing my passion with my clientele - whether they be craftsmen, artisan-creators or retailers - to convey this burning desire I have for perfection and audacity”.

Let us join forces to create a presence and identity of excellence!  

Wings may grow from talent, but Le Sens du Détail will give you the sense of direction you need to structure your offer and organise your activity.

Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

Support & Guidance

Le Sens du Détail is committed to working with you to analyse your activity, structure a standout offer and create the emotion essential to building a rare and authentic identity.

A customisable program, developed specifically for retailers.

1 day of exchanges/advice in your own store or boutique

A list of tools developed together to activate your growth levers

A selection of creative brands in line with the profile of your customers and complementary to the existing offer.

Training of the sales team to reinforce business skills, improve the customer journey and develop your sales.

Starting from 5’500 CHF

It is in complete trust and guarantee of confidentiality that Le Sens du Détail becomes a close partner of your growth.

Let’s discuss it together

Do you happen to share my values of excellence and wish to make your offer one-of-a-kind?

Then let's arrange an appointment to get to know each other and better assess your needs.