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Sing, it’s spring, discover our spring jewels selection

Axelle Loichot

May 29, 2020

Find our selection of spring jewellery.

The past two months of lockdown have been paved with uncertainty, a certain sense of better days to come and a clear desire for lightness. We crave for endless strolls in warm streets, sun kissed spring skin and the delicate jangle of golden bracelets on our nude wrists. We missed the light graze of cherished lucky charms and necklaces.

To embrace the fresh spring days, le Sens du Détail is thrilled to share a hand-picked selection of fine jewelry pieces that match the joyful season. Pendants to mix and match, slim bracelets to collect, we love to stack up lovely pieces with effortless elegance and pleasure.

Pleasure – as a recurring motto, pleasure will guide your hand when picking which medallions and pendants to wear today, and which charms to pair them with – until a smile comes up. Who knows which adorable pieces you will choose to wear tomorrow?

Unchallenged master gold

Nothing says “sun” better than golden jewels to embrace the shiny season. Spring and its warm sunbeams are a wonderful souvenir of this cherished light, soft dress, the unique feeling of walking bare feet in fresh grass. Spring brings new smiles, and this happy mood is perfect to combine gold pieces with color splashes to match our outfits. Also, as a silver lining – charms and jewels made of gilt silver, sterling silver, and gold leather bracelets are welcome to join our personal combo. As long as the day is cheerful and happy.

A whirlwind of styles

In French, the popular adage “en mai fais ce qu’il te plait” is an invitation to play with the season and do whatever we please. Hence a sweet prompt to unearth our most cherished masterpieces and combine them with temporary, spring-friendly charming favorites: enamel engraved medals - this year’s sweethearts - perfectly pair up with Cartier’s must-have LOVE bracelet. A long-loved solitaire diamond pendant will befriend one or several juicy pendants to form an elegant riddle. A diamond tennis bracelet may mingle with sweet charms on the wrist. An elegant patchwork of styles, colors and shapes is blooming as a season’s must – what else?

In love with medallions

Around our necks, or soon-to be tanned wrists, medallions picturing divine yet secular Madonnas are fine companions to round metal medallions – slick or engraved, they whisper secret messages to their owners.

La légèreté des bijoux de printemps - Le sens du Détail

A collection of charms

When it comes to charms, let the inspiration roam wild and free! From smiley faces to boost a day to Indian chakras, striking eyes as inspirational symbols, or the essential Van Cleef & Arpels ALHAMBRA clover to highlight a simple bangle, the choice is yours, as long as it keeps up a sparkling spirit with some glitter, engraved metal or bright shades. These season’s favorites imprint a dazzling attitude to our spring days.

Secret codes

Puzzling enigmas or funny puns, mantras carved in stone or to be deciphered letter by letter, jewelry pieces can play with the language and wrap mood-fitting words around our necks and wrists. A simple word, a phrase or a full sentence, choose a side. Or don’t.

A myriad of lovely pieces

Our moods embrace the blooming spring in a stress-free, unencumbered attitude – why should we pick a side when chains, pendants, link and wire bracelets with or without gemstones are so appealing together? The cornerstone mantra of the season is to enjoy mixing and combining statement pieces with smaller yet adorable items. Should we really set aside that cuff today, never mind: tomorrow’s another day to fully boast – as long as there are extra charms to wear it with.

Here below, Le Sens du Détail has chosen to highlight a few favorite pieces for this spring. Our selection ranges from essential, heritage designers to new talents that we love to share with you.Carefully handpicked, these pieces are the reflection of how lightness translates to us.

Photo crédit : ©gbyg

Caspita’s glowing chakra pendants -

Céline Daoust’s pendants -

Laura Sayan dream catchers -

Jacquie Aiche’s Hamsa charms Alphabet collection -

GbyG necklaces and pendants -

Gigi Clozeau’s Madonnas -

Arthus Bertrand’s Flashy medallions -

Twistonline & Foundrae’s medallions - -

Messages and letters -

Labelle Bijoux Paris -

Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

My Values

A passion for excellence

The spirit of excellence and exclusive nature of the pieces that enhance their creator’s exceptional traditional craftsmanship and audacity are what truly inspires me. 

The freedom to stand out from the crowd

As a talent agitator, I select with you the pieces of jewellery whose elegance is in perfect harmony with your brand image. To do so, we will seek to choose the features that shape your identity: one of exclusivity. 

Le Sens du Détail becomes a close partner of your growth, while at the same time guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

Let’s discuss it together

Do you happen to share my values of excellence and wish to make your offer one-of-a-kind?

Then let's arrange an appointment to get to know each other and better assess your needs.

Axelle Loichot - Le Sens du Détail - Conseil Expertise en Bijouterie-Joaillerie

Mes valeurs

La passion de l'excellence L'esprit d'excellence et le caractère exclusif des pièces qui mettent en valeur le savoir-faire traditionnel exceptionnel et l'audace de leur créateur sont ce qui m'inspire vraiment.

La liberté de se démarquer En tant que révélateur de talents, je sélectionne avec vous les pièces de joaillerie dont l'élégance est en parfaite harmonie avec votre image de marque. Pour ce faire, nous chercherons à choisir les caractéristiques qui façonnent votre identité : celle de l'exclusivité.

Le Sens du Détail devient le partenaire de votre croissance, tout en garantissant une totale confidentialité.

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