Turquoise jewelry: a summer harmony in blue, green and sun

Axelle Loichot

July 10, 2020

With sunny days, we crave for summer jewelry, a tasteful preview to go along sun-bathed days, horizons away from home, sandy beaches, happy getaways and exotic lagoon! Obviously, now are the perfect days to wear turquoise jewelry: Navajo-inspired cuff bracelet, airy gold necklaces or ethnic

earrings, Le Sens du Détail takes you on a path to discover the turquoise gemstone and its shiny colors, your finest partner for the sunny season.

Hues, origin and history: All about turquoise

Sometimes azure blue, sometimes deep green, this opaque, tender and delicate stone has been extracted for centuries from desert and remote areas with dreamy names: former Persia or Mesopotamia, the main turquoise gemstone deposits can be found around the Red Sea, particularly in Iran, Turkey but also in Mexico. The turquoise gem can be slightly veined, mostly worn “en cabochon” or almost rough, sometimes engraved or carved.

The market value of natural turquoise varies depending on the intensity and richness of its hue, a legacy of its underground past and a subtle balance between vanadium, chromium and copper. The veins are specific to each stone and only highlight its uniqueness: there is no other turquoise like your turquoise stone!

While it was brought to Europe at the time of the Crusades, the evocation of turquoise takes us to faraway imaginary horizons paved with Navajos jewelry pieces made of turquoise and silver, rich Aztec ornaments or lustrous Egyptian royal crowns.

Indisputably valued both from a historical and symbolic perspective, ancient peoples used turquoise stone as a ceremonial symbol or currency, while its ornamental features (dignitaries only) still remains vivid today: turquoise is a cherished gemstone to craft fine jewelry pieces - the ones we

love to wear on sun-kissed skin.


Then and now, the virtues of turquoises

Turquoise has long been a staple in traditional medicine, as practiced in America or Asia: acting as a true talisman, it was praised for its protective and curative capacities.Turquoise is also seen as a stonewall to repel the evil eye (we like to wear turquoise as charms) and push back negative energies - its benefits are, according to ancient medicine and beliefs, countless.

Turquoise gemstone provides a source of balance, it strengthens harmony between body and soul, releases positive energies and unfolds blocked situations and emotions. Wearing genuine turquoise jewelry facilitates communication and develops a sharp mind and empathy.

Turquoise and Zodiac signs

Turquoise stone pairs with water and air astrological signs (Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius, but also Scorpio). These signs are usually leaning toward cooperation, ideas blooming and

discussions, communication (air signs), but they also underline the importance of emotions and affect, creativity and dream (water signs). All these signs bond with turquoise and its properties, releasing positive energies and boosting interpersonal exchange.


Jewels: How to wear them?

Stunning turquoise is a must when associated with various styles for both men and women. While its Indian and Amerindian heritage is where we find immediate inspiration, le Sens du Détail unveils a style book full of alternatives for summer.

New creators or renowned jewelry houses both have fun creating new turquoise pieces, mostly using en cabochon or rough gems, highlighting the delicate stone veins. 

The colors of turquoise, ranging from radiant blue to deep green are proudly displayed as chunky jewelry pieces or a collection of smaller beads with various size and shape.

Famous jewelry houses like to flirt with turquoise, mixing it with yellow, white or pink gold, creating pendants or rings of pristine and minimalist elegance.

The sparkle of diamonds and faceted precious stones brighten up these pieces with a cheeky blink. Nothing compares to nude, tanned skin to enhance the bright tones of turquoise.

Rock or ethnic stylish trends pay tribute to the turquoise’s heritage from across the Atlantic. Thus, large cuff bracelets combine the wild spirit of turquoises with rough or blackened sterling silver frames. Multi-strand necklaces will be layered on bohemian summer dresses; signet rings effortlessly worn with summer outfits while enjoying time at a café terrace; and charms tinkl at our wrists as we wander to sheltered coves.

As of metals, turquoise is easy going: jewelry designers can play with yellow gold, white gold and combine sterling silver or diamonds without ever risking a faux-pas. This is how versatile turquoise is.

Match your turquoise jewelry with pearls, mother-of-pearl, diamond and coral

In line with summer and shiny tones, rings in rough turquoise and silver are out - a great match with delicate bracelets in mother-of-pearl or pearl.

White moonstone is a singular alternative to outline turquoise’s glow, the twist of a diamond, a pink quartz or rhodium-plated ruby challenge its traditional ethnic style.

Touches of coral, as an intense palette, warm the turquoise blue with a prairie accent, close to ancient Navajo cultures – these jewelry pieces tingle as you discover wild plains under a shiny sun.

Other alternatives, like block turquoise or Amazonite gemstone, are welcome to broaden the mix of a jewelry palette with fancy styles and pieces. .

Photo crédit : ©Claverin

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