Axelle Loichot

My Approach

A vision that combines both details & globality

My 25-year experience throughout the entire value chain of the jewellery-making field has allowed me to work effectively alongside all those playing their part in this prestigious community.

Think out of the box!


Attention to detail is a philosophy that inspires my daily professional life. 

Whether they are jewellery creators or retailers, I enjoy immersing myself in the universe of my clients. From start to finish so as to gain a full picture of what’s at hand. Learning about their story allows me to transcribe and perpetuate it into their alluring creations.

The choice of materials, finesse of the gesture and quality of the creations are the details that will make all the difference for jewellery creators.

The choice of collections, originality of their presentation and the care taken in the brand's universe will all contribute to setting the activity of jewellery retailers apart from the rest. 

My several years spent in the world of jewellery have provided me with detailed insight into every aspect of this glamorous universe. The creation, production and distribution processes have all shaped my philosophy: this experience now grants me with a unique intuition, an ability to create meaning, feel and share a passion, as well as generate wonder and amazement in your customers. 

 "Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo da Vinci

How I choose to work

Every collaboration immerses me in your professional world. It is more than just an operational field approach. Indeed, I like to work on understanding the details of your daily life and routine: seeing, feeling, exchanging and immersing myself are essential to successfully completing my missions.

A preliminary assessment allows me to discover more about you, to dig a little deeper into your activity and analyse your visibility. 

Meeting each other and exchanging are fundamental stages for an in-depth and detailed understanding of your world and the story you wish to tell. 

A field audit will help define the corporate culture, discern your internal mechanisms and uncover the details that will make all the difference.

A documented and detailed proposal will later be presented to you. It will clearly identify the different lines of intervention for achieving your goals and objectives.

Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-collaboration

Examples of interventions

Benefit from a specialised business approach to address your needs in a precise manner.


Promote your know-how and craftsmanship 

Advice and assistance based on 6 modules followed by 6 weekly collaborative sessions of 1 hour. You will be provided with practical tools to structure, organise and launch your collections.

A turnkey offer to successfully approach your prospects according to an adequate positioning, at the right price, in adapted quantities and thanks to distinctive storytelling that reflects your true identity.


Expanding your sales

An on-site assessment and review lasting from one to several days to define the scope of the mission at hand, collect data, analyse the market and the store's positioning.

An audit report is given to you with a diagnosis and recommendations for an action plan. I personally favour recommendations that are immediately operational for visible results

Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Bijoutiers-Boutique
Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Bijoutiers-détaillants


Developing the appropriate response to complex issues

Any transformation off the beaten track - a complex project to carry out, required transformation, management breach - demands an adapted solution for your boutique or company.

Tailor-made assistance allows me to apply my expertise, network and talent so as to best assist you and make the transition you are faced with, a genuine success.

A community of experts to unite talents

My 25-year experience in the world of watch and jewellery-making has allowed me to build a strong and valuable network. Each of the missions entrusted to me thus benefits from this priceless pool of experts.

Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-créations
Gouaché renditions
Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Joaillerie
3D Modeling
Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Artisans-Joailliers
Axelle Loichot-Le Sens du Détail-Vitrine
Visual merchandising
Sales training
Brand Identity
Le Sens du Détail-Ananlyse
Product Marketing
Le Sens du Détail-prestions-sur mesure
Copywriting & translation

A singular approach

Le Sens du Détail gladly shares its business savoir-faire and experience in the field.

An in-depth exploration

Although nothing had predisposed me to open the doors and join the very exclusive circle of this small world, my professional experiences and personal encounters have however made it very clear. Perseverance and a permanent concern for efficiency have both allowed me to have a keen eye for even the tiniest of details.

Attuned and attentive to all senses

Every mission requires me to somewhat absorb the company's DNA. In other words, feeling, listening, deciphering, meeting the teams, exchanging, observing the movements and gestures as well as making the artisan-creator’s universe my own. Trying to understand all of these aspects and details is something I enjoy. Just as much as I love to later weave these various facets into a personal and unique story, like one would thread pearls on a gorgeous necklace. 

Alternative & effective solutions

I thrive on challenging ways of thinking, adopting a concrete, results-oriented vision yet am inspired by the ever-renewed wonder that flows from passion and attention to detail.