1- General

1.1 Definitions. In general, the capitalised terms in this present Cookie Policy have the meaning assigned to them in art. 1 of the general terms and conditions or, failing that, in the present terms and conditions. 

1.2 Connection with the general terms and conditions. This Cookie Policy shall apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions and other documents included in the contractual documentation, including the Privacy Policy. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and this Cookie Policy, the latter shall prevail.

2 - Subject

2.1 The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform Users about the nature of the Cookies used by “Le Sens du Détail” and some other third parties as well as their specific usage.      

2.2 In case of disagreement with the present Cookie Policy, the User can, from their browser or navigator, disable the use of Cookies. In this case, it must be noted that all or part of the Site may be rendered inaccessible or unusable.

3- Definition

3.1 Cookies are the equivalent of a small text file, stored on the User's access terminal to the Site itself (computer, tablet, telephone, etc...).

3.2 Cookies are stored by “Le Sens du Détail” or third parties on the terminals and devices used by the User to consult the Site in order to gather information relative to their browsing or to optimise/personalise their experience.

4 - Cookies - Issuers

4.1 Cookies of “Le Sens du Détail”. These constitute the Cookies stored by “Le Sens du Détail”.

4.2 Third Party Cookies. These are Cookies stored by third parties (e.g. Google).

5 - Cookies – Types & Purpose

5.1 'Strictly necessary' Cookies. Some Cookies are necessary for the use of our Services. These are mainly Cookies from “Le Sens du Détail”. These Cookies are particularly used to enable the User to gain secure access to the Site itself.

5.2 'Analytical' Cookies. Certain Cookies allow “Le Sens du Détail” to better understand the User's personal usage of the Site and its performance. These are Cookies from both “Le Sens du Détail” and third parties. These Cookies allow “Le Sens du Détail” to recognise and record the number of Users of the Site as well as determine how they use the Site itself. This allows “Le Sens du Détail” to improve its Site and the various Services it provides.

5.3 'Functional' Cookies. Some Cookies are used to enable the display of personalised content for the User, for example the display of the User's name and recording of the User's preferences. These are mainly Cookies belonging to “Le Sens du Détail”.

5.4 'Advertising' Cookies. Some Cookies are used to display advertisements that match the User's interests on or off the Site. These are mainly third party Cookies, over which “Le Sens du Détail” has no influence nor control.

6- Cookie Management

6.1 Users can adjust the use of Cookies by choosing - at any time - to disable the use of all or part of “Le Sens du Détail” and/or third party Cookies.

6.2 Cookies are set up via each of the terminals used for browsing the Site and in accordance with the procedures given for these specific platforms in their respective documentation.

6.3 It is recalled that certain Cookies are necessary for the use of certain services (art. 5.1) and that the disabling of all or part of them may result in the impossibility to access or use some Services.

6.4 The disabling of Analytical Cookies (art. 5.2) has the effect of preventing the User's browser from sending information to the issuers of the aforementioned Cookies and does not, in theory, prevent the use of the Site.

6.5 The disabling of Functional Cookies (art. 5.3) may prevent access to all or part of the Services offered and provided by “Le Sens du Détail”.

6.6 The disabling of Advertising Cookies (Art. 5.4) has the effect of preventing the display of advertising related to the User's interests, but does not affect the display of advertising per se. Thus, the disabling of this specific type of Cookies does not prevent the display of advertising and does not, in theory, hinder the use of the Site.

6.7 “Le Sens du Détail” cannot be held responsible for the Use of data collected by third parties and/or for Cookies stored by the latter. It is the User's responsibility to manage Cookies according to each issuer. For further information concerning third party Cookies, please refer to the Cookie management policy of each of these issuers.